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This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the contributions of the talented women at LGND and our many partners who are dedicated to elevating women across the globe.

As part of this year’s #BalanceforBetter theme for International Women’s Day, we’re proud to highlight the recent projects that seek to level the playing field.

Data shows that decisions to empower and compensate women in the workplace in equal measure to their male counterparts pay off. International financial data giant S&P Global partnered with LGND to share their findings on the economic benefits of placing the appropriate value on women’s work.

The #ChangePays initiative advocates for progress at a global scale, using statistics and personal insights to demonstrate that “investment in women is investment in us all.”

One way to jumpstart that investment is to hire more women. S&P Global’s “Vital Statistics” show that if the US hired women at the rate of other countries, like Norway, the US economy could grow by 8 percent. Worldwide, if women participated in the workforce at the same rate as men, global GDP could increase by 26 percent.

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S&P Global

Another recent campaign, The Ascent Of Women-founded Venture-backed Startups In The United States, with the Center for American Entrepreneurship (CAE), analyzed data on women-lead businesses in the United States.

The research found that between 2005 and 2017, women-founded companies made up only 16% of all venture-capital funding, despite the fact that women-founded companies perform as well as, if not better than, non-women-founded companies. The good news is the number of women-founded startups has been steadily increasing in recent years, showing promise for up-and-coming female entrepreneurs.

Like any good investment, there are compounding benefits. The payoffs for the economy are fairly obvious. But for women, simply seeing more women around them in the workforce is inspiring. What’s more, data show that 86 percent of women say they are more likely to visualize themselves in a workplace when more women occupy leadership positions.

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Partnering with organizations that promote diversity is an important part of LGND’s mission to craft and launch world-class stories.

With upcoming projects focused on diversity in leaders and creators, we are excited to build upon projects focused on women's issues to include work focused on addressing LGBTQ+ issues.

At LGND, we are fortunate to have women leaders and creators to help launch good ideas, especially around projects and partnerships that blend data and research with compelling creativity to address inclusion. At the helm of these recent projects are LGND’s designers Katia De Juan and Mary Spacapan.

Mary Spacapan

Mary Spacapan

As Associative Creative Director, Mary leads a creative team anchored in heart-centered innovation, leveraging good design for good reason. An avid traveler, she seeks inspiration by venturing into the unknown, connecting with nature and putting oil to canvas at her home studio in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

To ‘empower’ is to ‘grant authority to’. But as women, to walk in authority is, in actuality, our very divine birthright. In leaning back and resting into our true identity, we get to celebrate our critical role and confidently claim our seat at the table.

Katia De Juan

Katia De Juan

As our UI/UX designer, Katia’s impact on LGND is profound. In her homebase of Inverness, Scotland, Katia is an avid nature adventurer. Aside from design, Katia is fascinated with sociology and linguistics. With insight into multiple world cultures and dialects, she’s especially captivated by women all around the world who defy the status quo. A surfer at heart, she’s particularly inspired by women who excel in male-dominated sports.

While it’s easy to be upset or frustrated by the gender-based discrimination around the globe, Katia is encouraged by stories of people who take control of their own destiny and upend the predictable narrative. She injects this determination into her design work.

It takes initiative and bravery, but all women everywhere should be able to work toward the future they want. Driven and accomplished women set an example for younger (and even not-so-younger) generations to see a new world of possibilities where they could be leaders/winners.

Diverse experiences and visions make for better work. LGND’s mission to help great ideas win would not be possible without the contributions and insights from the women on our team.

Women designers like Mary and Katia help everyone to recognize the shared benefit of gender diversity. Gender-diverse companies are 15 percent more likely to generate higher revenue than their more homogenous counterparts. Investing in balanced gender representation is not just a sound business decision; there is just as much evidence that it makes for a better world.